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Luofu Mountain

Luofu Mountain, with its 5 temples and spectacular countryside has a fairytale quality to it. The Grotto of Vermillion Brightness which sits in a deep valley amidst gurgling streams is said to be the place where Ge Hong cultivated Dao and attained immortality.

The Chongxu Temple, its most famous, was built in 330 A.D. by Ge Hong himself who spent his time concocting potions from hillside herbs which he drank. According to legend they caused him to ascend to heaven while his clothes turned into thousands of butterflies which nowadays flutter around Butterfly Cave.

From Luofu Mountain come two famous herbal products; one is a herbal oil, while the other is a combination of honeysuckle and chrysanthemums. 

To get there, take a bus from Huizhou city to Zhuming cave on the mountain. They run from 6.30a.m. to 6.30pm every 17 minutes. Once there, should you wish to be transported to the top of the mountain there is a cable car.